Monday, December 1, 2008

Tiny Sugared Christmas Trees

Last December I received a last minute request from my son's teacher to provide cupcakes for the class Christmas party. The cupcakes were easy but I found myself scrambling for a way to decorate them using only what I could find at home. That's when the idea for tiny sugared Christmas trees began to take shape, and it worked for me!

The result was simple and inexpensive cupcake decorations that came together easily and looked pretty. I shot some photos and posted them here, along with directions detailing how to make them {it's not hard!}. These itty-bitty Christmas trees were a hit {in the blogosphere and in real life}, especially after Meredith linked to the post from her inspiring blog, Like Merchant Ships.

December is here again with yuletide cheer and all manner of festivity awaiting us... no doubt cupcakes will be included this season too! Just in case you receive a request for Christmas cupcakes this year, it seems appropriate to share the idea once more... and to wish you the happiest of moments during this season of advent.

Tiny Sugared Christmas Trees
1. Clip as many sprigs as you desire from your Christmas tree or decorative greenery {fresh rosemary will also work nicely}. Ideally each sprig should be about 3 to 3.5 inches long.

2. Remove the pine needles from the bottom inch of your sprigs creating a "trunk."

3. Give each "tree" a spritz of non-stick cooking spray then gently dabble them in red sugar sprinkles.

4. Store in a paper towel lined, air-tight container until needed for decorating.

5. Remind the kindergartners not to eat the Christmas trees, unless, of course, they are fond of pine!

Simple Variations:
  • Powdered sugar "snow" covered trees.
  • Colorful ball sprinkles which look like ornaments.
  • Homemade red sugar sprinkles. Simply mix a few drops of red food coloring into a small amount of sugar and stir.