Friday, July 16, 2010

15 Weeks Old, or Hanging By My Toes

Baby Girl, I don't remember the exact date but it was about this time last summer that we discovered you were on the way. The story of you had already begun. From the very beginning you turned our world upside down, first with surprise and then with excitement. Now, a year later, I've never been so happy to be hanging by my toes.

As God has gently unfolded the story of you over this past year He has whispered, "Watch, Christian, I'm going to surprise you and delight you over and over and over again." And, that's exactly what He's done. I dreamed but never actually believed that I would have a baby girl {and a red headed one at that!}, but here you are in our arms and in our hearts. You've added sugar and spice to our world of puppy dog tails {and underwear fights}. You, my darling, are one of the three best things that has happened to our little family... first your brothers and now you. I've had three desires delightfully fulfilled. I couldn't be more blessed.

From your fuzzy red hair, to your sweet, bubbly mouth, to your tiny pink toes, you are my Strawberry Girl. You are 15 weeks old today... you love your brothers and your bugs. You know how to smile and charm the grandmothers at the farmer's market when they fuss over you. You are starting to giggle, which absolutely melts my gooey heart. You love to smile at the red headed mommy and baby that you see in the mirror. You open your eyes and your mouth wide while kicking furiously when you get excited. You suck your left thumb when you're hungry, and, occasionally, while you sleep. Speaking of sleep, you do so well at night but you're not one for taking long naps. You love your baths and being on your changing table; you still talk to your little purse and lately Daddy's special wall art has captured your fancy. It seems as though your hands are always in your mouth, and, oh, how you can drool. When it comes to your milk you have strong opinions, it's mommy or nothing, period, the end! You've doubled your birth weight now... this week you weighed in at 11 pounds and 15 ounces.

Your brothers adore you and your Daddy is smitten beyond belief. You are precious in our sight. I am so thankful that God began the story of you last summer, it's all part of His sovereign plan that reaches from everlasting to everlasting. And, yes, I'm so happy that He turned my world upside down with surprise... hanging by my delighted toes is exactly where I want to be.