Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blessings Lately

{He wanted to know how a funnel works...}

Still counting His mercies with gratefulness...

31. A small boy's curiosity.

32. A dear friend's joyous news.

33. A cool house during the summer heat.

34. A baby who has learned to smile while sticking out her tongue.

35. A head full of thick hair, because at sixteen weeks postpartum my hair is falling out at an astounding rate.

36. A quiet morning... Big Brother was at camp, Khaki invited Little Brother to spend the morning with her, and Baby decided to take a three hour nap. In turn, I processed photos, cleaned the kitchen, washed two loads of laundry, deep cleaned in the bathroom, and enjoyed a quiet house.

37. A Little Brother who is sounding out words!

38. A list of birthday errands... how thankful I am to be preparing to celebrate another year with special people in my life.

39. A small hand quietly slipped into mine in the parking lot.

40. A dear professor, husband and daddy, home tonight after spending the week out of town.