Friday, August 20, 2010

20 Weeks Old

Little Brother: "Mommy, is Sister still being born?"
Mommy: "Ummm.... no, and Mommy is very happy about that."

Big Brother: "I don't have a pet dog just a pet sister. She's little so she's a pet."

Little Brother to Big Brother, who was distraught over a toy part gone missing:
"Don't worry [Brother] we've still got Sister and she's a pretty good toy."

You were screaming in the carpool line one day this week.
I reached back to stroke the top of your head.
Your tiny hand grabbed my finger and you were comforted.
That was a precious moment for me.
Don't worry, we'll figure out this hairy business of baby naps and carpool lines.

You are 20 weeks old today... you melt my heart more than ever.