Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sparkle and Shine

Counting more waves of mercy...

61. Looking at photos from camp with Big Brother and watching him grin {and shine} over his happy memories. Let me tell you, that boy rocked the water slide and the zip line... he loves rides and speed.

62. Driving down the road watching white fluffy clouds in the blue sky.

63. Seeing Little Brother's face shine as he helped his brother pick out a lunch bag for school. Seeing Little Brother's face sparkle when I told him that he could choose one too. That extra ten dollars was well spent just to see him light up... nevermind that he won't need a lunch bag for several more years.

64. Snuggling Baby Sister close to me while she slept several times today.

65. Dinner inspiration.

66. Another evening with a breeze. Another evening walk.

67. Quiet moments to read and think and pray this morning.

68. Help when I needed it.

69. How patient the professor and the boys are with me, even when I am impatient with them or I am tied up with the baby. The boys have been especially patient these past few months.

70. A new haircut.

Here is tonight's dinner inspiration. I sauteed fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, and zucchini until tender, splashed in some wine and a drizzle of whipping cream, stirred, and tossed with whole wheat pasta and chopped grilled chicken, garnishing with parsley. It was simple, fresh, and fast.

Here is my "new do". Last week, while visiting my parents, I walked into an unknown-to-me salon one afternoon and asked if a stylist was available. Then I proceeded to tell the unknown-to-me-but-available stylist to cut off my hair. I didn't care how it looked or how she did it, I just wanted it cut. Off. She granted my request and I love the result.

My hair is still falling out {we're talking about a mass exodus here} but at least it's shorter now and has some shape. Isn't it amazing how a new haircut can make one sparkle and shine?!

And now I must say goodnight because I've turned into Mrs. Tittlemouse...

...she was too tired to do any more.
First she fell asleep in her chair, and then she went to bed.
from The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse by Beatrix Potter