Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching Up

Aperture tells me that there are exactly 2544 images in our 2010 project folder. I'm pretty sure that 85% of them are mine. That's more than a little crazy. I think I need to do a better job of deleting the bad shots... at least that's what the professor tells me.

So, tonight you're being treated to a random image dump because my photography habit has outpaced my blogging habit and I need to catch up.


This little guy is an azalea caterpillar. Ya'll, he ate one of my azaleas! He ate the whole bush. In an effort to save the shrub the boys caught him for me, but they accidentally left him in the bright sun for too long. He roasted. At least the rest of my azaleas are saved.


I pack a lot of lunches. Yesterday I pre-packed enough food to fill Big Brother's lunch bag every day for two weeks. I can't tell you how satisfying that feels.


There's so much I'm thankful for these days:

101. Dappled sunlight.

102. Driving with the windows down and the sunroof open.

103. Helping Little Brother slowly conquer his bicycle fears.

104. Our wonderful speech therapist who is so kind and encourages so much.

105. Sitting in the breezy shade at the soccer field.

106. Pleasant conversation.

107. An afternoon spent with the boys on their bikes and the baby in the stroller.

108. Late summer peaches. I think I'll make jam soon.

109. The first tiny glimpses of autumn.

110. Watching the professor enjoy college football.


I love Wednesdays because Little Brother doesn't go to school. We have time to do fun things together. Sometimes, while I feed the baby, I let him play on Starfall. He has learned how to sound out words and is doing some simple reading. This morning he wrote "car" on a piece of paper and told me that is what he's going to give me. I'll take it!

He likes to eat M&M's, and he always saves the blues ones for last. I remember when blue M&M's were introduced. Do you?


I love this recent photo of the Strawberry Girl. The little lamb is her favorite toy; tonight I found her chewing on his tail. He plays "Jesus Loves Me" and she grins whenever she hears it. I hope that the unfailing love of Jesus always makes her smile. She is taking our afternoons at the soccer field in stride, so content and happy. What a blessing!

I think I need to give knitting another try. Now that the weather is cooling off I like the idea. Knitting seems like a cold weather activity to me. I hope I can get comfortable enough with it to actually enjoy it. And, I think I should learn to crochet because Baby Sister needs some shoes like these. Yummy.