Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's written and true, "Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away..." However, the ebb and flow of life's demands can certainly prove to be love's distraction.

I had a meltdown one night last week. With the professor mostly away for five weeks this summer combined with parenting, caring for the baby, school starting, the beginning of fall semester on campus {always a busy time}, and church obligations we were physically and emotionally exhausted.

"I feel as though we grunt out the same conversations to each other every morning and every evening," I cried. Somewhere, somehow in the midst of life happening we lost sight of us. We weren't enjoying each other and we weren't connecting.

The professor was quick to arrange an evening out for the two of us. Over dinner and conversation we realized afresh how important it is to be intentional about when and how we spend time together. {Frosty, fruity drinks and heart-to-heart talks after the children are asleep works nicely} Afterall, if we don't take care of us how can we properly care for everyone and everything else?

Of most importance, as we reconnect we remember and acknowledge the One who brought us together and on Whom is our foundation. Without His grace upon grace we'll certainly fail.

And so... when we're up every two hours in the night with a sick child, when work and home demands overwhelm us, when Baby is being high maintenance, when the washing machine backs up and overflows, when homework is forgotten {and that's all just in the past 24 hours!} we, by His grace, won't get lost in the flood.