Monday, September 6, 2010

Smiley Cakes

With an August 1 birthday, Big Brother has never celebrated his special day with his classmates at school. This year he has a teacher who loves birthdays and wants each child to feel special on their day so she invited him to share cupcakes with the class sometime during the first week of school. He was very excited.

While I was envisioning chic little cakes with creative toppings {think Real Simple cupcake designs}, my school boy knew exactly what he wanted... yellow cake, chocolate icing, and smiley faces.

Little Brother and I baked the cupcakes one morning. He insisted on slowly and carefully filling each cup himself while I reminded myself that love suffers long.

That afternoon the boys had fun making happy cake faces using mini M&M's and Twizzlers. Packed for transport, Big Brother took them to school the next day. I am told they were a big hit. It made me happy to watch his excitement and pride in creating his own cupcake design... which turned out to be real simple after all.