Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday

You're probably wondering about the photo, I'm not sure what it is but I kind of like it. I was standing in the kitchen yesterday holding Baby while trying to change the lens on my camera {I know, not a very smart maneuver} when she started reaching and grabbing for the camera, the next thing I knew she pressed the shutter. At the ripe age of six months Baby Sister makes her debut into photography.

On Friday morning the professor mentioned that he had secured the use of a friend's jackhammer and that he had weekend plans to use said power tool to remove old ceramic tile mortar from our house's foundation. It took me .287 seconds to decide that the children and I needed to get out of Dodge. Thankfully Bunny and Pop welcomed us {on very short notice} for an overnight visit while the professor stayed home and prepped the foundation for hardwood floors. Bunny fed us barbecue and cupcakes and Pop took us to the zoo; the professor filled the window sills with dust and gravel. I'm really glad that I wasn't home to witness the noise and the mess.

Last night I made a chicken curry dish for dinner {except I didn't use red curry paste, I just mixed my own curry powder}. I was prepared to meet some resistance from the younger generation, and then I remembered that the professor had a bad experience with a currywurst while in Germany and hasn't been fond of the spice blend since. Our evening meal suddenly seemed to be headed for certain disaster. Surprise of surprises *everybody* like it. That made me happy.

Next time I make it I will add cauliflower and/or lentils. The boys won't like that but I will.

I love watching the birds on our bird feeder. I think they enjoy watching us too.

Big Brother has announced that he wishes his middle name was Langston. Random.

I shopped at our community's twice-annual children's clothing consignment sale today.
Here are a few observations:
  • There are too many pale pink baby clothes in this world.
  • I am not going to pay $10 for a pair of boy's jeans that have holes worn in the knees, even if they are from the Gap.
  • Going to the consignment sale is not enjoyable. I go because I feel compelled to stretch our dollars.
  • Boys are hard on clothes. There are not many boys' clothing items that are worth re-selling.
Baby Sister had her first taste of cereal last night. She tasted it, smiled, grimaced, opened her mouth for more, tasted, and grimaced again.

Guess who got a green sippy cup for her half-birthday? Guess who can sit up now? Guess who has discovered that rolling can be a means of mobility {and a way to get stuck under a set of bunk beds}? Guess who has figured out that she can change her mind?

The best thing I did all day was a lay on a blanket in the backyard and laugh with my three babies. The professor found us that way when he came home.