Friday, November 12, 2010


This week I'm thankful for...

158. A few moments to lay down and rest.

159. Computer math drills for Big Brother... because I can't feed Sister, cook dinner, read aloud, and hold up flash cards all at the same time.

160. Baby's health when the rest of us were sick.

161. Eight hours of sleep.

162. Three healthy, full-term babies. This week a high school classmate's baby was born at only 26 weeks gestation; he's so tiny and they have such a long road ahead of them.

163. Sporadic middle-of-the-night feedings. Yes, they're hard but I'm thankful for a growing baby {juicy thighs!} and quiet cuddles.

164. Making it to church on Sunday after three weeks of staying home with the germy family members.

165. Our new kitchen floor.

166. A husband that chooses the right way even when it's the hard way.

167. The smell of woodsmoke.

168. Little Brother crawling into my lap so that we can read together.

169. A short-lived stomach bug.

170. Watching a yellow butterfly flutter around Little Brother's bright bicycle helmet.

171. The men and women who bravely serve to preserve our freedom.

172. A quick, easy, and inexpensive repair to our noisy, rattle-y heater.

173. A morning walk with all three.

174. Confusing struggles.

175. Exhaustion.

176. A burst of enthusiastic generosity from the boys.

177. Our noisy house filled with life and energy.

178. Warm, golden November days with open windows.

179. Creative at-home dinner ideas despite not having a functioning stove this week.

180. Laughing with Big Brother.

May your weekend be full of warmth and delight.
May an anthem of praise and thanksgiving be ever on your lips.