Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quietly Thankful

This week I'm giving thanks with a grateful heart for...

142. Warm muffins, fall leaf butterflies, and a morning with Miss Brown Eyes.

143. Cozy scented fall candles.

144. Red leaves.

145. Chicken pie in an iron skillet on a damp, chilly night.

146. Needed antibiotics. How easily I forget that for many in the world it's a struggle, if not impossible, to get basic healing medicines.

147. Quiet mornings.

148. Conviction.

149. The humble, servant-heart of my mother-in-law who so faithfully calls and asks, "How can help? Which carpool line shall I navigate for you?"

150. The happy anticipation of Thanksgiving plans.

151. Watching him enter their world... in the tree house, playing space ships.

152. A day off from laundry.

153. Christmas music. I know it's early but I love it so.

154. The kind-hearted man at the barbershop who not only gave me a quarter but stepped outside and fed my parking meter when I didn't have any change.

155. A changed plan.

156. Soup from a friend.

157. A cold snap.