Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the kitchen we can build a snowman...

He is the king of creative modifications. At the ripe age of five he practices joining the letters of his name in his own non-cursive ligature. For his birthday he insists on a quirky fusion of traditional birthday cake and cupcakes. {Yep, that's what he requested again this year.} He has a fun, creative flair, he notices beauty, and he savors all that is sweet to behold {and taste}. He is my idea guy.

Last week he came to me with a vision and a plan for birthday treats to share with his class at school. "Mommy, I want snowman cookies. We can have a big circle cookie and a wittle circle cookie, and we can bake dem next to each other and decorate dem with gwitter."

Envisioning a gaggle of preschoolers at the emergency room after eating glitter encrusted cookies, I humbly suggested that we use white icing instead... "to look like snow." He was agreeable. So, we built snowmen in the kitchen and he shared them with all of his little friends at school.