Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Which We Prepare for Carpet...

Sometimes I think I mark the passage of time by our uproarious house messes renovations. Less than 48 hours ago this place was immaculate. I was fluffing sofa cushions. Now, the bedrooms have spewed forth their contents into our living spaces in preparation for our final major {interior} home renovation. First thing in the morning new carpet will be installed in the bedrooms.

And so, this morning the professor's box of old 16-millimeter films emerged from the depths of our master bedroom closet. {We've toted them around for almost a dozen years and I suspect we'll keep toting them for a dozen more.} Little Brother wanted to know why there was a box of hub caps in the office. Of course, Baby Sister all three think the most recent upheaval is grand fun. After all, it's an opportunity to lay hands on forbidden loot... hub caps included.