Friday, February 4, 2011

Musing with Thanks

verb, used without object
To gaze meditatively or wonderingly.
To think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
5/52 for MCP Project 52

It's been a long, strange, hard week. This morning I was reminded that His grace is enough. When I count His gifts given by grace I'm overwhelmed. His grace is far more than enough...

321. Dandelions in grubby hands.

322. Morning dimples and tousled bedheads.

323. An exciting opportunity.

324. Warm cinnamon toast.

325. Waiting, waiting on God's direction and wisdom.

326. Winter days that feel like spring.

327. Past failures realized.

328. The old gentleman who said, "Allow me." as he opened the door for me at the bank.

329. Numb weariness.

330. My father-in-law's call to tell me that he was bringing barbeque by for our dinner.

331. Baby cries in the darkness.

332. My excited school boy eager to tell me good news.

333. Kitchen floor picnics.

334. Her silky, soft ear.

335. Hard questions.

336. Clean, cool drinking water.

337. A home day.

338. The red bird on our icy bird feeder.

339. The husband who cancelled a meeting to attend Doughnuts with Daddy at preschool.

340. Simmering chicken stock on a cold day.

341. Direction... at least for the moment.

342. Finding a Lego vehicle next to my pillow.

343. A reminder from my mom that some {many} of my shallow worries are not of eternal importance.