Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter's Potting Shelf

Lately, my heart and my mind have felt a bit like a potting shelf in winter... tired and somewhat desolate. I'm not speaking of weighty burdens heavy on my soul, just the weariness of everyday life with a bit of uncertainty stirred in to challenge my focus and my faith. Even in seasons of winter His mercies rain down. I continue to count them, offering praise and thanksgiving for each. Therein I find and bask in the Light!

344. Raindrops in the night.

345. An excited school boy telling me all about his field trip.

346. Waiting and wondering.

347. Burn out... on so many levels.

350. Picking flowers with Little Brother.

351. Fresh flowers in the house.

352. Tedious paperwork accomplished.

353. 11 years.

354. Refocus.

355. A thoughtful card from a sweet friend.

356. A rested baby.

357. The long prayed for, joyous news in the life of a dear friend.

358. Lessons from last Sunday's sermon.

359. My husband's creative mind, and his vision for what things can be.

360. Kind neighbors.

361. Stepping out into the dark, breezy, cool, stillness of night.