Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eleven Months Old

How can it be? You are eleven months old!

A mother should never blink and then discover that her tiny, peach fuzzed newborn has become a crawling, climbing, babbling, eating, opinionated, redheaded wonder!

But so you have done, my little Strawberry.

{As I sit here writing Little Brother just asked me if he could type "love" -- how appropriate because we do love you very much!}

You love nothing more than to be with your brothers in their room where you love to sort {and eat} their Legos and shoes. {I know, gross!}

You often crawl about with a sock hanging out of your mouth and you never tire of digging in Mommy's purse. We've already discovered that you love lollipops.

You dig in our potted plants and have been known to sample dirt. You love to clean out cabinets {if only you would put the items away when you're finished}.

You must be part billy goat because you're a great eater of all things edible and non-edible. You love to be outdoors. You are quite capable of throwing a royal fit.

You have the funniest, high-pitched cackle. You have four teeth. You pass out easily and relatively often because you forget to breathe when you're especially mad or upset. Dr. Linda says not to worry.

You're quite opinionated about the dishwasher... it's your territory. You pull utensils and plastic dishes out of it as quickly as I can put them in. The other night I found you standing on the open dishwasher door, holding onto the top rack. You grinned, danced, and were, in general, quite pleased with yourself.

I'm reserving judgement, but you may be our most spirited child yet! This afternoon you climbed our step ladder when I stepped out of the room for a moment... when I returned you were standing on top. {Insert major mommy heart attack here!!!!}

A few days ago I couldn't find you. I finally discovered you tucked into a corner of your room with a pile of books. I hope you always love books.

You adore your daddy and your brothers. Trust me, the adoration is mutual! What a happy little girl you are! I thank God for putting your busy, little self in our family.