Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Strawberry Girls

I love this photo of Sister and me taken by the professor at the zoo yesterday afternoon. What a sweet moment. She loved watching the animals, which, to our delight, were quite active... they must have been enjoying the beautiful spring day as much as we were.

Isn't it fun to see our shades of red next to each other?! Her hair is definitely brighter than mine. Although my auburn locks have darkened with age, my dad tells me that my hair was never as bright as hers, even as a baby. Her little carrot top head and blue eyes make me smile every day.


It's been a lovely spring break... simple and fun, which is just what we wanted.

Monday: The kids and I spent the afternoon at the library and came home with a huge stack of books.

Tuesday: The children and I visited a large, country park on the outskirts of town where we fed the fish, walked in the woods, and rambled through a nearby pasture in search of non-existent cows.

Wednesday: A visit downtown to Grandaddy's office and the frozen yogurt store filled our afternoon.

Thursday: The professor joined us for an afternoon at the zoo.

Friday: We stayed at home, which was very pleasant indeed.


The professor and I enjoyed watching The Art of the Steal one night this week. It's a fascinating documentary that chronicles the controversial and dramatic struggle for power to control the Barnes Foundation, an impressive private collection of Post-Impressionist art that is worth billions. {Fair warning, this film does contain several instances of colorful language.}


Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Thank you for taking time to visit here. You make me smile.