Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Week's Ending {Edited}

This week the dirty dishes seemed to pile higher than usual and the laundry seemed to multiply. I stepped on and crushed enough Cheerios to fill a cereal bowl and Sister found something new to climb every single day. {Yes, my friends, we have a climber on our hands.} There were homework tears, middle of the night tears, and even a few mommy-is-overwhelmed tears. But, not only did we survive the long, long week... by God's grace we flourished.

The weekend is upon us! I plan to take a bit of time to relax in a comfortable chair, preferably bathed in afternoon sunlight, and sigh deeply, very deeply.

His mercies are new every morning {and they're new every week}. Next week is our spring break, which, for me, is an especially wonderful mercy. {I know my school boy agrees!} We'll be staying close to home this year. The boys have requested a hike and an outing for ice cream. If you're local and will be staying in town too, call me and let's plan some fun outings.

For the rest of you, what are your favorite simple ways to enjoy spring break?


I wrote this blog entry earlier and set it to auto-post... As I've watched the devastation unfold today in Japan I am sharply reminded that Cheerio crumbs, dirty dishes, and homework tears are blessings not burdens. Tonight my heart aches for the mothers who can't comfort their crying babies, the mothers who don't have a clean blanket in which to wrap their children, and the mothers who wonder if they'll ever experience a soothing cup of tea in a comfortable chair again. Perspective, my friends. Perspective. Tonight I am exceedingly thankful that I have heaps of dirty laundry, crumbs on the floor, and my precious family safely seated around our dinner table.