Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Tea for Me

Little Brother's preschool class hosted a Mommy and Me Tea. It was a precious and fun way to spend some special time with my youngest man.

We sat together at a tiny table and feasted on tea sandwiches {chicken salad or peanut butter, take your pick}, fresh fruit, and mini cupcakes. Because this is the Deep South and it's already warm enough outside to make you sweat, iced Milo's tea {sweet, of course!} was the beverage of the day.

Mr. Blue Eyes presented me with a handprint stepping stone that he decorated himself and the following completed questionnaire. This, my friends, is Little Brother in his own words:

My mother is happy when... we obey her.

My mother helps me when... things are hard.

My mother looks funny... in the mornings.

My mother likes to... wash clothes and get dressed.

My mother is the best because... she helps me.

My mother shows me love when... she hugs me.