Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Simple Denim Clutch

I can't decide if this denim clutch is cute or kitsch. It's a little too Daisy Duke meets Minnie May for my own personal style, to be sure, but for a sweet girl celebrating her eighth birthday it was perfect.

Repurposing old blue jeans to create a purse certainly isn't a new idea, but it's so easy! I lopped off the legs {just below the zipper} of some boys' size 7's, flipped the remaining part inside out and sewed one seam straight across the bottom, then I clipped the corners and flipped them right side out again. Velcro tabs inside the waistband make for easy closure; the ribbon through the belt loops adds a nice splash of color.

I let the clutch itself serve as the gift bag and I filled it with some little things eight year old girls love... trial size bottles of fruit scented shower gel found on clearance at Kroger and an assortment of colorful, jersey knit bracelets made with repurposed fabric from my stash. The birthday girl's eyes lit up when she saw it, and she was happy.