Friday, June 24, 2011

Life, Lately

We've settled into an easy-going, summer rhythm. The easy-going part... that is the beauty of summer.

There have been swimming lessons... a lot of swimming lessons. My reluctant swimmer has made so much progress!

We've enjoyed simple meals and time to play with our friends...

Friends that are human and non-human. {The professor and I agree, the best kind of dog to have right now is one that lives on the other side of the fence!}

Sometimes I sit on the bench in the shade of the oak tree and... Sister climb. Then I rescue the little girl who fancies herself stuck whilst standing on a table top... or a picnic basket... or a shelf... or a step ladder... or a chair.

She is always climbing.

Of course, housekeeping never ends.

The professor has had a heavy teaching load but he's finding time to prep the boys for an adventure coming later this summer!

Legos are a part of daily life.

And, speaking of ducks... I'm plotting a little sewing project.

We do a bit of daily schoolwork.

Yes, I'm one of those moms... but then we stay up late reading books.

And, there are more messes and fingerprints than I care to publicly acknowledge!

Next week I'm looking forward to capturing the colors of summer, finishing swimming lessons, driving Big Brother to camp, and, hopefully, doing a bit of sewing.