Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smitten Lately

Smitten lately...

With a fresh gardenia next to my bed. Have you ever tried this? I highly recommend it. Smelling the soft, sweet fragrance while falling asleep and waking up is lovely.

With Orange-Ginger body lotion. I picked up a sample and it has captured my fancy.

With Kate Spade's Checkered Tracy Dress and Floral Wynne Dress. At those prices I'll never own one, but I'll keep the designs in mind and look for similarly styled {but less expensive} options. This spring I ordered Norma Kamali's Cap Sleeve Shirtdress in black from Walmart for $18 and I love it.

With the Friday Special. My sister found the recipe for a favorite entrĂ©e at one of our very favorite Greek restaurants in our hometown city. I made it for dinner last night; I could eat it every night.

With Trader Joe's Premium 100% Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an item the professor and I picked up while in Atlanta last weekend. It reminds me of the olive oil we had in Italy. Enough said.

With two boys who really, truly believe they can build and fly a cardboard airplane powered with a lawn mower engine in our backyard. I've been presented with design renderings and a list of needed materials. "Aren't you excited, Mommy? Because, we've never owned an airplane before! Do you think we can use our street as a runway?"

Have a great weekend, y'all!
What has you smitten lately?