Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smitten Lately

This week I've enjoyed unexpected {and beautiful} summer blooms in the dining room and we've had fun moments with precious friends, old and new, at the pool and at home. Both flowers and friends make life beautiful.

What a month it has been for serendiptious furniture finds! Look what the professor dragged home this past weekend... an Arts and Crafts style, oak rocking chair. It's very old and very heavy. The story of this acquisition begins in a familiar the way... "One man's trash..."

It's blueberry pomegranate chocolate chunk ice cream and it's better than good. Smitten indeed.

At our house we're fans of all things Frances. Little Brother and I read a passage this week that I loved from Russell Hoban's Best Friends For Frances:

When Frances got to Albert's house, he was coming out, and he was carrying a large, heavy-looking brown paper bag. 

"Let's play baseball," said Frances. 

"I can't," said Albert. "Today is my wandering day."

A wandering day... doesn't that sounds lovely?! I'm smitten with the idea. Here's wishing that all your wanderings this weekend are wonderful!