Monday, August 29, 2011

Study Nook

It has become apparent that Big Brother needs a quiet corner of his own where he can tackle his homework. There aren't many quiet corners left in our house.

The professor dug our old Eames table out of the attic while I kept Sister from climbing up the ladder after him. It's the table he bought when we were engaged. He called me one day from Ohio and said, "I bought us a dining table today, and if you don't like it I'm keeping it for myself." I liked the table and we used it for years. True to his word, he kept it even after we outgrew it.

I suppose he's been keeping it for Brother to use in third grade. It sits in our bedroom now... the only quiet corner left in the house. This is where Big Brother retreats in the afternoons to wrestle with math and grammar. As the days continue to grow shorter I expect we'll have to dig out a little desk lamp.