Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunchtime Visitor

When we arrived home from kindergarten carpool today this little guy leaped himself into the kitchen right ahead of me and began eyeing his handsome reflection in the dishwasher door.

Little Brother, feeling somewhat brave, decided to catch him. Sister thought it was all great fun...

Until our new friend escaped and I screamed.

If the professor or Big Brother had been at home the little guy would have been scooped into bare hands and set free outside. Instead, he sought refuge under the kitchen cabinets. For a few hours there was a lizard running free in my kitchen... in my house, but Big Brother, upon arriving home from school, caught him in short order {while I squealed} and returned him to his home in the liriope.

I think the lizard and I are both relieved that he doesn't have to sustain himself on the cracker remnants and Cheerio dust covering my crumby floor. The end.