Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Christmas Hush

Oh, hello. I'm whispering to you from my cozy place on the couch tonight. I hope your Christmas was lovely... ours was. That is, it was lovely until I was stricken with a mid-holiday stomach bug. Bah and humbug! Thankfully, the rest of the family has remained healthy.

Our days have been slow and easy lately, as we all prefer them to be during Christmas vacation. Despite having a rather painful and gurgling tummy life has been pleasantly lazy. I've been enjoying my nest on the couch, we've watched movies together, and read plenty of books. Cooking has been kept to a blessed minimum.

While I've been dreaming of making a cute cell phone case and reorganizing cluttered corners, the professor has taken down the Christmas tree and packed up every last decoration. He's also been tidying kitchen cabinets and drawers. How's that for having husband who champions my dreams?!

The house was full of the most beautiful winter light today. Perhaps tomorrow it will inspire me to emerge from my couch-burrow...