Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Birds and Me

When the professor and I were first married we lived in a darling, old second floor flat in Columbus, Ohio. We loved that little apartment with its arched doorway and charming details. The creaky, hardwood floors and huge steel casement windows were drafty in winter. The inside of our windows used to ice over on really cold nights! I had never seen that before... and haven't since.

From our happy little nest we took our southern selves to visit exciting, new-to-us places like Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Wheeling, West Virginia, to Chicago, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. We explored our own city too, and scoured yard sales and visited junk stores. It was a simple, happy time.

We hung a bird feeder outside our dining room window and kept it full. The birds came often and we enjoyed watching them. The professor was always careful to place sunflower seeds on the windowsill, which the cardinals loved. I remembered that today when I was refilling the same old bird feeder we've always had. And so, I left some seeds on the sill once more {and Sister promptly came along behind me and started brushing them to the ground}. Perhaps in the morning the birds and squirrels will peak in at me and we'll have breakfast together just as we did in Ohio. I will have tea and toast and honey.