Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thursday Things

I continue to be smitten with winter's gentle light. This morning was lovely for a few short hours before the gray clouds and drizzly rain arrived. The rest of the day was damp and bleak until right before dusk when the clouds opened and the world was bathed in sepia sunlight. I love when that happens.

Big Brother received a 3D paper model kit of the Chrysler Building for Christmas. He had fun putting it together a few weeks ago and then it haphazardly landed next to the Underwood No. 5 on the cubicles in the dining room. The longer it sits there the more we like its placement. Somehow it works... in a random, kitschy kind of way.

If you peak through the doorway into the office you can see the professor's new {old!} Louis Poulsen lamp. He was thrilled to inherit it from my dad a while back despite its being in pieces. While the lamp still needs some work, he has carefully put it back together for now. When we turn it on in the evenings it produces the softest, warmest lamp-light that you can imagine. Perfect for cozy, winter nights.