Friday, February 24, 2012

Tulips of Red {and Other Reasons to Smile}

These tulips have been making me smile all week. So has Sister with her loud singing. And, watching Little Brother dribble a basketball. And walking in the winter-woods. And having an outside afternoon. We, the professor and I, had a monthly cash flow epiphany the other night that was really something to smile about. And there were some random encouragements and laughing moments this week, too. The boys are finishing up their basketball season; an experience that has been so good for them... and us. We'll enjoy the slower pace of life but miss the camaraderie of their teams. Big Brother and I have found a new challenge; we're training for a race together. We've got miles to conquer this weekend. And the professor and I should have a little time for our own weekend wanderings as a rare twosome! Here's wishing you a lovely weekend. May your joy run over as you reflect on your own reasons to smile.