Monday, April 30, 2012

Weary in an Ocean of Grace

Little Brother's last day of kindergarten is Friday. Friday! And, Big Brother finishes third grade the following Friday. When I think back to August and remember the rough start to our school year, when I consider the challenges, disappointments, and blessings we've encountered this past year, the decisions we've made and the ones we're still waiting to make, and the countless carpool lines through which we've driven, I realize how thoroughly we've been bathed in grace these past ten months. God's grace is an ocean... I was reminded of that this past weekend in the most beautiful way.

And yet, I'm feeling a bit like a tired, old mailbox... weary and leaning. My mind feels blocked... the feelings of my heart, I can't seem to put them into words. God's lavish grace, along with my need for rest and simplicity and quietude, have never been more apparent to me.

I pulled out our summer calendar last week and started penciling in the big things... leg surgery, a dear friend's wedding, swimming lessons, camp, a week-long visit from my oldest nephew, and the birth of a new nephew... these things have provided a nice framework for the next few months. In between the big things, I'm looking forward to simple days with friends at the pool, good books to read on my own and with the children, time with my husband, blueberries and watermelon, evening bicycle rides, and perhaps some spontaneous adventures. Blogging will be less frequent and simpler as I give myself the grace to rest and to bask in an ocean of God's unfathomable grace. For me, right now, to live and to savor and to marvel quietly is my ambition... and His grace will bring refreshment.

Grace Laced Mondays