Thursday, May 24, 2012

This & That

Well, we finally hung the red rooster. It only took us 3.5 years. I thought I wanted him in the kitchen but the empty corner in the dining room is a better place. The professor found a great glass-free, distressed, primitive wood frame that suits him perfectly. I love his delightful combination of humble roots with a bit of cockiness... kind of like his creator, Amos Kennedy, whose graphic works I admire for their vernacular simplicity.

Moving right along...

Moving along is not what I'm doing these days, at least not at a fast pace {yet}. I'm still in recovery mode. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words! The children and I have spent most of our time at home the past few days. Me slowly puttering about at intervals while mainly trying to rest my leg. This healing takes time. In the meantime, I keep taking pictures of plants in my kitchen sink. Clearly I have an obsession... a lovely one, I think.