Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kitchen Table

We left our stainless steel work table at the old house for the new owners. It was part of the contract and was anticipated, but I wondered if I would miss having an island. Enter the kitchen table... 

This is the table that the professor bought when we were engaged. He told me, "I bought us a dining table today and if you don't like it I'm keeping it for myself." We dined around that little table for five years before getting something larger. Eventually, it became Big Brother's study table. Now we have it in our {vintage} kitchen. With two mismatched chairs this sunny spot is a breakfasting, tea sipping, lunching, bird watching, snacking, homeworking, chatting, reading, happy place.

I don't miss having an island. I don't miss the sleek, steel work table. I love that my people drift in, sit down, and keep me company when I'm cooking. I'm now a believer in a good old fashioned kitchen table. Having one is, quite simply, lovely. Sit down, let's chat a while.