Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Here

Our October arrived with steady, gentle rain. Now the air smells of damp leaves and nuts. Some of the trees are starting to look burnished, just barely. It won't be long before we scuff and crunch along the sidewalk on our way down the hill to the creek and the park. We've been spending a lot of time at "our" park lately, and Big Brother spotted a great blue heron taking flight at the creek.

October with its golden light is always when I think the most about packing up the children and heading off to the tiny town where my sister lives in a big house. I always want to take pictures of her boys in October light. She has a cozy attic bedroom for sleeping and she bakes pumpkin bread. There, all six cousins have space to run wild together. An autumn circus.

In October the golden rod blooms on every roadside and turns fields to gold. We sneeze and open the windows anyway. The world is brilliant and changing. It beckons to me. Irresistible. And so, we go for long walks and find pretty leaves and breathe it all in. There is a little wooded place with a path for exploring. As we meander home Little Brother drags a big stick.