Friday, January 18, 2013

January Portraits


I'll be honest, these portraits weren't intentional. It was a school night. The professor was at a meeting. It had been a long afternoon and evening of homework and noise and dirty dishes. I should have been tucking them into bed, but Sister's bath-damp curls captivated me and I wanted to capture them. The next thing I knew, all three children were taking their turn sitting in the lamplight on top of a chest of drawers {I know, what a studio!} while I snapped away.

At the end of this year I think it will be neat for us to look back and remember what they looked like at the beginning of the year. Children change so much over a span of twelve months!

And beyond what I can see in these photos, I want to remember that Big Brother is kind and diligent and adventurous and curious. Little Brother is chatty and happy and cautious and creative. Sister is busy and social and affectionate and fun. I pray that I will guide them with faithfulness and grace this year. For these eyes, these smiles, these hearts... for of such is the kingdom of heaven.