Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Living Moments

This is what happens when I banish the younger two down to the den so that Big Brother can work on a book report in the dining room without distraction. They pull out the Eames House of Cards and a few Hot Wheels cars and play happily together for an hour. These two are capable of producing some ugly squabbles {he can get bossy and she's really good at antagonizing} but when they decide to dwell together in unity it's a good and pleasant sight.

Our days are full and it's good. Not always easy and ever exhausting, but His grace is sufficient. Our plumber is coming on Friday to replace the fixtures in the children's bathroom. Right now a brand new sink and toilet sit waiting in the middle of my bedroom. Lovely! Have we really been in our new house six months? Living here, in this house, we feel the pleasure of God's abundant blessing every day. It's beyond what we dreamed. We are thankful. Slowly, slowly we're working on small improvements while making plans and saving money for bigger projects to come {some in the near future!}.

It seems I read, read, read in almost all my spare time these days. It's been two weeks since I started the 40-Day Lenten Bible Reading Plan. What a challenging and rewarding experience it's been so far. I feel as though I'm running a marathon at a sprinter's pace, but God's Word truly is alive and doesn't go out void. He is blessing me and teaching me abundantly as I gorge myself on scripture. I'm becoming convinced that it's equally important to enjoy the richness of the Bible in large quantities as it is to meditate on it in small quantities. I'm enjoying the feast.

And now I have Cheerios to sweep and laundry to fold and little people to love. The cat wants to be fed and dinner needs to be cooked and the book report that was started yesterday must be finished today.