Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woodsy Ramble

Several weeks ago the children and I discovered a winding path through the woods that leads to the park near our house. We were on our bikes that cloudy day and the path's finding was like a pleasant, slightly mysterious adventure for us. Since then we've returned often. The boys always take their bikes, riding back and forth from one side of the woods to the other, winding through the trees that twist and grow over the path like a tunnel. Sister and I usually ramble along at a slower pace.

That path through the woods has become a happy place for us to go on afternoons when homework is waiting but there is energy still to be burned and fresh air still to be breathed before we settle down to serious indoor endeavors, such as math and dinner. We went there today. The simplicity of the woods and the brisk air were good for our minds. When the sun started to hang low we made our way back up the hill toward home. I observed, just as I did this morning, that our days are getting longer.