Friday, March 29, 2013

Assorted Thoughts

Here's my theory, jet-lag is contagious. The professor arrived home from France late Saturday night and he has, understandably, been more tired than usual this week. So have I. Like I said, contagious. While a recovery week would be nice, life has carried on at its normal, demanding pace.

And, I continue to read. Only two days and nine books left. Really?! My heart overflows with the assurance and power of the Word. The sureness of God's steadfast love has never been more real to me, the promise of His mercy and grace and strength never more comforting. And, Paul's euphoria over the Gospel... I get it in a new and deeper way. This feast has been rich, a blessing beyond measure.

So, here's a snapshot from upstairs. You're looking at our room on the left and Sister's on the right. I haven't shown you much of this part of the house, mainly because it still needs so much work. Remember, we moved into this place as is. My bedroom is the color of Mary Kay foundation. It's not my favorite. The other night the professor spotted a band-aid plastered over one of the many, many marks on Sister's bedroom wall. We laughed because improvements like wall repairs and paint move slooowly these days. Too bad band-aids aren't a long term solution, they're much quicker and easier to apply. And, the lovely wall color in the hall... that strip of sickly, golden yellow that you see... well, it's really ancient wallpaper glue, a theme that continues down the hall to the stairwell.

A few things that made me laugh this week... Sister, with her stethoscope in hand, wanted to check by "beep." Little Brother, at Grandaddy's retirement reception, leaned over and asked me, "Is Grandaddy getting fired or something?" He also made everyone at the party laugh when, unbeknownst to the professor and me, he took it upon himself to sign the linen matte around a very nice print which was meant to be a retirement gift as well as a guest register. This is what he wrote, front and center, in delightful, first grader print: "{Insert name} - You know me." Oh, how that boy makes me smile.

Today I'm thankful for the grace to carry on, even in weariness, the grace in God's word and its power to change me, the grace of learning to live with contentment, the grace to laugh with my family, the grace to fall into bed each night and to hear the birds sing at sunrise, and the grace to rejoice in the magnificence of Christ's resurrection.