Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At Home

When my family came in November to celebrate Thanksgiving, my sister commented, "I like your dirt yard." Our backyard is a lush, shady, enchanting place. We love it. But there is no grass. A dirt yard, indeed, with a few scrubby weeds. The professor bought a bag of grass seed and spread it. We're running the sprinklers with the hope that we'll have a bit of lawn this spring and summer.

And I bake bread these days. Bread to eat, bread to give. Lots of bread. And Sister and I enjoy our daytime meals at the kitchen table in front of the big window. And the cat... always the cat. Big Brother loves her so. We made post-Easter Easter eggs that make me happy. We used tea bags instead of onion skins. Then I turned them into egg salad and ate them up. Little Brother is reading his first chapter book. Aloud. To me. He has the sweetest voice and reads with delightful expression. When we're not at home we're at track because Big Brother is a runner. While he runs, the other two run wild. It's good for all of them. Fresh spring air in and energy out! The bees buzz in the azaleas constantly and my violet orchid just keeps blooming. She's a total show-off.

We make our share of messes; sometimes more than our share. {The professor is in the process of tearing out the downstairs ceilings. Dust! And the Legos. Always the Legos!} And we have our grumpy moods. But, being at home is still my favorite place to be. It's lovely and I'm thankful.