Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthday Morning

Be them terrific or terrible {we've had some of both}, Sister decided to finish her year of two's with a bang. The eve of her third birthday went like this...

I put her down for an afternoon nap but she didn't sleep. Typical. By late afternoon she was exhausted. Of course. Big Brother had an evening track practice which meant dinner was later than usual. As I scrambled to reheat Easter lunch leftovers and make macaroni and cheese, Sister and Little Brother began to squabble over a kitchen chair. She tumbled from the coveted chair, becoming so upset she forgot to breathe and passed out. {She passes out easily when she's upset. She always has. Our pediatrician says not to worry. It's always a bit scary.} She "came to" a few moments later and the crying resumed. She passed out again. Pale, tear stained, hungry, exhausted, and pitiful, we fed her boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner, whisked her off to the bath, and tucked her into bed where she slept soundly until almost 9:00 the next morning. By the time she emerged on her birthday morning the men had already left for the day; it was just my girl and me and a hot pink tutu. In that sunshiny, well-rested moment being three, instead of two, suddenly felt really, really good.

So, here's to three with all the delight {and drama} that it's sure to bring!