Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Last

We kept inside most of the day, away from the damp, gray chill. Late in the afternoon we zipped into jackets and walked through the woods on the Boy Scout trail where the trees and vines twist and grow over and around the winding path. The woods were quiet and still, like the day, this December last. And after we'd passed through the woods we meandered along, coming home by way of the walking path in the park, stopping to read the names of the trees planted along the way. Red oak, sugar maple, live oak, longleaf pine, ash, and elm. As we walked back up the hill we stuffed cold hands into our jacket pockets while the sun set behind us... ending the day and the month and the year.

In this new year...

O Father as You did with Moses, make all Your goodness pass before us,
proclaim the name of the Lord before us, be gracious unto us and show us compassion.
A.C. Dixon