Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Sky

I woke before daylight this morning, before everyone else. And, I tiptoed downstairs in the dark. I opened the drapes and turned on the Christmas tree lights and made tea. Then, I sat in the silence, and savored it, and scribbled thank you notes to students for thoughtful Christmas treats. When the sun came up the sky was painted all orange and pink and winter-blue. I watched through the window with our colorful Christmas tree lights twinkling back at me in the reflection. And then it was time to scurry. Out the door. Last day of school for Sister and me. We were the last ones in the family to finish.

The skies have been clear and the children and I have been dashing about this week. First downtown and then to the mall. A skip over to Target, and then all over again. Round and round and round. They've been troopers and our Christmas errands have been productive. Whew!

While at the mall, Sister caught a glimpse of Santa and said, "See, Santa is real!" Little Brother, ever a stickler for accuracy, replied, "Well, reindeer can't fly." Then, Sister drew a picture of Santa, which in my mother-eyes really resembles the jolly old fellow. All of this Santa talk is amusing because our family has never "played" Santa, but listening to it is fun and it makes me smile.

We have a Christmas tree shaped holly bush outside our front door. The professor acquiesced to my request to put white lights on it this year. After the children were tucked in tonight I peered out the window through the bare trees at the bright, glowing moon hanging in the almost-winter sky. Lovely lights in the night.