Friday, December 6, 2013


Oh, hello. My how these first days of December have flown! It was a gray, gray week; we saw rain every single day. The professor scurried about for most of the week, a passing blur as he spent long hours at the studio where his students were preparing for their final project presentations. Thankfully, it's all behind us now. I say "us" because the ebb and flow of academia affects our whole family.

Several weeks ago I instituted weekday afternoon walks. After the boys are home from school and settled, the children and I turn away from everything {homework, laundry, dinner preparations, arguments...} and set out for a short walk. What a lovely habit this has turned out to be! At the end of a long day we all need a break, a breath of fresh air, a bit of exertion before the dinner and evening routines set in. We often find ourselves meandering home as the sun dips behind the trees, during that magical, dusky hour when neighbors switch on lamps in living room windows before closing drapes. I love that hour of the day.

I pulled out my sewing machine one morning and stitched away while Sister rifled through my sewing basket. I think she unwound every last yard of ribbon and bias tape that I own. But she, in her hot pink tutu, was happy, and so was I. The boys are persevering in their schoolwork. Concert season is upon us. Little Brother wowed us last night with his articulate delivery of a special speaking part and Big Brother is faithfully practicing his clarinet for next week's performance. I love listening to them.

The day after Thanksgiving brought an unexpected physical weariness upon me... the tiring culmination of cooking and hosting for the holiday, a head cold, and the demands of teaching. In my weary state, for it certainly affected my heart as well, the Christmas season caught me unprepared on all fronts. It was mid-week before I realized that Thanksgiving fell later than usual this year and that I usually have a week {not two days!} to ease my heart and mind into the festivities of December.

The paradox that I've pondered this week is that God invites all who are weary to come to Him... yet, in order for us to come to Him, He had to come to us first. The yoke that He offers us is easy, His burden light... this yoke of mercy and grace given from the One who carries the government on His shoulders.

In these days of weary hanging on, I'm reminding myself that Advent means "coming." These are days for preparing, these are days of grace... Christmas is coming, He is coming. Let every heart {especially the weary heart} prepare Him room... Isn't this the purpose of Advent, to prepare?! And after the anticipation, the preparing, and the coming... The weary world will rejoice! Amen.