Thursday, October 21, 2010

He Gives

Awake and up before morning's first light I think of my mother. On my mind are the tests she underwent earlier this week, and the appointment she'll keep with her oncologist today to discuss them. A routine check-up they say... when a loved one is post-cancer, post-surgery, post-chemo every test, every scan, every appointment can be nerve-wracking.

I pray for the peace of His presence to be with her... and me. I pray for good health. I pray for rejoicing.

Then I read this:
The best response to losses or thwarted hopes is praise: The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Remember all good things -- your possessions, your family and friends, your health and abilities, your time -- are gifts from Me. Instead of feeling entitled to all these blessings, respond to them with gratitude. Be prepared to let go of anything I take from you, but never let go of My hand! from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young; Job 1:21
Am I holding onto something besides you, Lord? Have I let go of your hand? Do I feel entitled? If You take away her health how will I respond? Will I be able to praise You?

She calls with a good report. Today, He gives! We praise and rejoice.

Tomorrow He may take someone, something that I hold dear. Am I prepared to let go? Will I praise Him then? I hope I will... only by His grace.

The Lord gives. {Today, He gives!} The Lord takes. His name be ever blessed.