Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Smile

{29 Weeks Old}

When she woke from her nap the afternoon light in her room was perfect. I grabbed the camera, plopped her on the bed, and started snapping pictures. I wasn't thinking about the details; I was simply trying to take advantage of the light {because one should never let good light go to waste}! As it turns out, it's the details that make this photo special to me...

I love that she's sitting on Mimi's quilt, I love that the professor's artwork shows in the background, I love that she's wearing her "little sister" shirt because that's what the boys still call her, I love that her eyes are twinkling, and I love that she's flashing her big, toothless grin. That precious smile has already started to change... the tiny tips of her first two teeth pushed through yesterday.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends... enjoy life and smile big!