Friday, January 21, 2011

Ending With Thanks

This week the theme for Project 52 is Shades of Gray.
At our house, we're quite partial to gray.

This handpainted card arrived in the mail yesterday for our Strawberry Girl... a thoughtful gift painted by a longtime family friend and watercolorist. I adore it. The giver and artist is an inspiration; her life has been marked with deep sorrows and brokeness yet she lives simply and never ceases to find joy, to take pleasure in small things, and to count her good gifts.

And, there are so many good gifts to count with a thankful heart...

278. Wise church leadership.

279. She dances.

280. Whispered I-love-you's and Goodnight's in the dark with Big Bro.

281. My grandmother's comfortable chair.

282. The beginning of a good work.

283. Another round of clean scans and good bloodwork for my mom.

284. A sore throat.

285. Wise husbandly leadership.

286. Provision of some needed clothing for the boys.

287. A warm afternoon.

288. Little fingerprints everywhere.

289. "Oh the noise, oh the noise, oh the noise, noise, noise, noise!" Joyful noises.

290. A hope deferred.

291. Making chocolate pudding with Little Brother.

292. Watching a movie with the professor.

293. Opportunities to intercede and encourage.

294. A gorgeous full-moon rising.

295. A burden to write letters... oh, that I will follow through!

296. Sunlight through windows.

297. Decluttered countertops.

298. This book in my mailbox.

299. A new windshield and the man who made a house call to install it.

300. Backpacked school boys waiting for me in the carpool line.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
May gratitude be the song of your heart.