Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At the Art Museum

This afternoon we joined the professor and some of his students on a field trip to the art museum. Our group was large and our destination was an hour away so we all piled onto a chartered bus for the trip. The bus ride alone was a major event for the boys... they loved it.

Of course, the museum {or "muzam" as Little Brother calls it} was fun and exciting, too. My favorite views included an incredible and inspiring photography exhibit featuring color and light, one of the most beautiful John Singer Sargent portraits that I have ever seen, a wonderful Mark Rothko piece that I would love to hang in my house, and an amazing sculpture collection.

The museum boasts a wonderful hands on area for children that the boys and the baby thoroughly enjoyed. While the Strawberry Girl was undoubtedly drawn to the life sized, three dimensional replica of an Edward Hopper painting, the boys were equally mesmerized with an abstract painting and exhibit featuring a local motor speedway, complete with working remote controlled race cars.

What an inspiring, fun, and special afternoon!