Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thankful Coziness

This photo speaks to the cat in me... every time I look at it I want to curl up in that warm patch of sunlight and doze. Perhaps that's why I've started stuffing a heating pad under the covers at night just before going to bed. A warm spot is very soothing and relaxing after a demanding day.

When I was in the third grade I was stricken with the chicken pox. I remember spending most of that itchy, feverish week on the couch under the big picture window where the warm sun shined in on me. I read The Velveteen Rabbit that week and cried. My parents' couch still sits under the same window... I still love to read and doze there.

Before curling up in my cozy spot for the night I'll end the day with thanksgiving...

378. Chatting with a neighbor.

379. A gaggle of preschoolers all wearing construction paper rabbit ears in the carpool line.

380. Avocado sandwiches.

381. An unexpected pizza dinner... a night off from cooking!

382. Seeing firsthand that thanksgiving precedes the miracle.

383. Mid-morning toast.

384. A need met before I realized it was a need.

385. Quiet conversation.

386. The disheartening silence.

387. The professor home for lunch today.

388. Little lips smacking jam toast.

389. Sunlight on orchids.

390. New sheets.

391. Car windows rolled down.

392. New-to-me clothes.

393. Weekend family time.

394. Faith to believe that a dream can become a reality.

Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.