Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A House in Town

"She had just finished her tea and her acorn cup and saucer, neatly washed, stood on a shelf above the stove. A bed of discarded pullets' feathers covered with a bright quilt of patched sumac leaves was ready for pleasant dreams. Miss Hickory's house was made of corncobs, notched, neatly fitted together and glued. It stood beneath the lilac bush that was so sweet and purple when in bloom, so thickly green and cheerful with birds all summer long. If one had to live in town, Miss Hickory had always said, take a house under a lilac bush." from Miss Hickory by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

Hot summer afternoons {oh yes, they have arrived} and long summer evenings are made for reading aloud. The boys and I are pleasantly making our way through Miss Hickory, whose quaint, cozy home has convinced me that I must add "lilac bush" to my wish list for our mod'ish, little house 'o dreams. Certainly a house next to a lilac bush would be almost as pleasant as a house under a lilac bush.

Almost. And, that is good enough for me. One can't be too demanding, after all!