Thursday, July 26, 2012


This spontaneous grouping in the dining room made me happy. Isn't it lovely?

Meet our window friend; she's a garden spider. She built her web outside our office window a couple of months ago. We love watching her. Little Brother calls her Cavatica, after the endearing and enduring Charlotte A. Sister calls her Daddy-Bug.

Maybe we should call Miss Strawberry herself Sister-Bug. Seems appropriate.

Summer lunches have gotten monotonous lately. A tea party luncheonette that ended with milk and cookies was a happy change for the younger two while Big Brother was off having adventures.

Our sunsets have been amazing this week. I like to run around outside with the camera while the professor nurtures our baby camellias.

We took clippings from our most favorite varieties that grow in the neighborhood {thanks, neighbors!} and are rooting them. At last count we had 45... or 48, almost enough to start a camellia farm!

I love being at home.