Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiny Sugared Christmas Trees

Aren't these cupcake decorations cute?! And they're so easy and inexpensive to make!

Today is Boo's last day of school until after Christmas vacation. His class is having a little Christmas party for which I volunteered to make cupcakes. Boo always wants yellow cake with chocolate frosting, easy enough and delicious but not very festive.

I wanted to decorate my little cakes so that they would look Christmas-y, yet I didn't want to make a special trip to the store to buy decorations. After thinking and praying about it for a couple of days an idea for these tiny sugared Christmas trees started to take shape in my mind! I trimmed a bit here and there from our Christmas tree then pulled out the remainder of my red sugar sprinkles and they came together so easily.

Tiny Sugared Christmas Trees
1. Clip as many sprigs as you desire from your Christmas tree or decorative greenery, fresh rosemary would also work. Ideally they should be about 3 to 3.5 inches long.

2. Remove the pine needles from the bottom inch of your sprigs creating a "trunk."

3. Give each sprig a spritz of non-stick cooking spray then dab them in red sugar sprinkles.

4. Store in a paper towel lined air-tight container until needed for decorating.

5. Remind five-year-olds not to eat Christmas trees, unless, of course, they are fond of pine!